Saving smart?

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Saving smart?

Having sufficient retirement income is not always about saving more. Many times it’s about saving smartly. Our program will help you save smartly and get the most out of your plan. That might be all you need to retire in style.

Be sure to “max the match” and rebalance your portfolio. These simple steps can increase your plan assets by tens of thousands over time.

First, remember that your money is always yours, regardless of the company match. In addition, it does not matter how your employment with a company ends, you get terminated, or you quit. The money that you contribute to the plan is always yours.

The money your employer contributes, however, may be subject to a vesting schedule. So, if you are planning to leave and are near a vesting point, you may want to re-think your departure date.

Rebalancing your plan assets is an easy and often overlooked step. If you do not periodically “refresh” you asset mix you could drift far from your retirement goal. We show you how to “Tune-Up” your plan assets quickly and precisely so you stay on course.
Think about it this way. Would you rather use a compass or GPS to find a destination? Both devices show direction, but the GPS has modern precision making it much more likely you reach your destination efficiently and timely without wasted detours.

Don’t get lost on your road to retirement, we can help.

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