About us

Hugh W. Connelly, CFA, CFS

Hugh is our founder and developed the systems used to “tune-up” employer-sponsored retirement plans like 401Ks and 403Bs.  His background in investment management is below:

  1. He has a Masters of Science degree in Finance from Drexel University with a concentration in investments. His undergraduate was also in Finance from Temple University.
  2. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) the most prestigious financial certification in the world. This is the designation required for high-end research analysts on Wall Street.  There are just over 100,000 in the world.
  3. He is also a Certified Fund Specialist (“CFS”) which means he is also certified to study, rate and dissect mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (“ETF”).  Hugh knows where the fees are hidden.
  4. Hugh recently completed his first book titled, “401K Tune-Up, 10 minutes to a more secure retirement.”  This self-help book applies his principles in a straightforward manner so people so inclined can learn to manage their own accounts.
  5. The program he created is not just for retirement accounts.  The tools he teaches can be used to manage any account with mutual funds such as 403Bs, Coverdell IRAs, IRAs, 529 College savings accounts, and more. So those such inclined can learn to manage their own accounts.
  6. Hugh is a natural communicator.  He currently teaches graduate finance at the collegiate level.  “I know how to breakdown complex concepts into easier to understand pieces. Let me help you to a more secure future!”

Let Hugh and the team help you “Retire in Style”, contact us today!